Cutover: The Process of Transitioning from IBIS to SIMBA

Cutover refers to a period of time and activities that are required from end users (you) as we move from IBIS to SIMBA. This section will help you sort through the timely, complex activities that will be required before we successfully Go Live. The Cutover Process includes all the activities to be performed to move processes and data from PSU’s legacy systems (IBIS, ARLink, eBuy, etc.) to SIMBA. This includes tasks related to the following:

  1. Normal year-end closing activities to finalize the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year in IBIS
  2. Conversion of Master Data
  3. Migration of transaction balance data
  4. Preparing the new SIMBA production system for users
  5. Steps to transition IBIS and other legacy systems throughout the cutover process to manage user access and provide source data for the conversion team
  6. Transitioning new and existing interfaces to SIMBA
  7. Training and change management activities
  8. Other tasks related to planning and executing a smooth transition to SIMBA
  9. Implementation of a new instance of Concur – transition from ERS to SAP Concur

The transition period dates timeline shows several important transition periods for IBIS to prepare for Cutover to SIMBA. Adhering to these timeframes will ensure the Cutover can proceed as planned.

ERS to SAP Concur

We also will be transitioning from ERS to a new instance of SAP Concur. The deadlines for this transition are included in the information below (Concur). ERS will not be available for expense processing from 6/26/2020 until SAP Concur is live on 7/6/2020. Travel reservations through Travel OnLion will also be unavailable from 6/29/2020 until 7/6/2020. However, those needing to make reservations during this time can work directly with Anthony Travel.

How You Can Help…
Pay special attention to information that will come from the SIMBA team and/or your Financial Officer on specific directions that will need to be completed. There may be certain transactions that need to be conducted or deferred in IBIS during the Cutover period. The SIMBA team will provide specific information and direction when the time comes.

Make sure to review the Cutover dates. Several transactions must be completed earlier this year than in past fiscal years, especially related to purchasing, accounts payable (SRFC) and cash deposits (ROCR).

Be aware of earlier cutoff dates that may be set by your unit. The dates in the Cutover Guide are the University deadlines. Your unit, through your Financial Officer, may set earlier dates to assure your area can meet the University deadlines. 

Key Information

·         The Cutover process is a set of complex, timely activities that are necessary to move from IBIS to SIMBA.

·         Cutover activities begin in May and will be completed when we go live in July.

·         All current and future SIMBA users are part of the Cutover process.

·         Pay attention to your FO or the SIMBA team for specific instructions.

·        Plan now for transaction cutoff dates and consider entering transactions or performing master data set up early, whenever possible. More explanation will be available from the SIMBA team, your FO, or Super User.

For contact information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about Cutover, please visit the Cutover FAQ page.

Cutover Guide

​The SIMBA Cutover Guide will help you identify the activities that need to be performed during the Cutover process.  This replaces the Year-end Processing Guidelines which were sent by Accounting Operations and Purchasing in past years. The guide defines the activities required to help you prepare for a smooth transition from IBIS to SIMBA, the transition from ERS to SAP Concur, as well as providing important support for the SIMBA team’s preparation for Go Live.

There are three primary goals during Cutover:

1. To assure we take all actions needed to efficiently and effectively close out Fiscal Year 19/20 in IBIS.

2. To assure that we have a clean cutover from IBIS to SIMBA, meaning that account balances as of June 30, 2020 are correctly recorded in IBIS and transitioned to SIMBA.

3. To assure we have a clean cutover from ERS to the SAP Concur, including transition of Purchasing Card activities for both Travel and Goods & Services.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadlines listed are for the University overall. Your College/Campus/Admin Unit may set earlier deadlines so as to meet the University deadlines.